São Paulo:

Extension – 1,509 square kilometers of area.
The forth-biggest city in the world and the biggest one of South America.
Altitude – Average about 860 meters.
Latitude: 23°32,0'S
Longitude: 46°37,0'W
Population – 10,406,166 habitants.
Bank agencies – 1,795
Industries – 33,921
Trade – 71,256
Services – 89,813
Movie Theatres: 244
Museums: 124
Theatres: 62
Parks: 21
Thematic Parks: 3
Restaurants: 2,110
Hotels: 1,113
Shopping Malls: 70
Taxicabs: 28,000
Visitors per Year: 6,5 millions.

Capital of a State that is the same size of United Kingdom, with almost the same population of Spain, and which generates near a half of the Brazilian economy — it is among the ten biggest in the world —, São Paulo also became the first tourist point of the country.

São Paulo is the Brazilian work metropolis, but also have fun and relax. There are the right place for every public: bar-rooms, saloons, beers bars and pubs, night clubs, cigar shops, disco clubs and karaokes, coffee and tea houses, rotisseries, and ice-cream shops. And the city is connected with the world in real time.


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