We suggest the following hospitals for obesity surgery due to their high quality standard:

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Hospital Santa Paula

Hospital Albert Eistein 
The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) is the most advanced private hospital of Latin America. Having almost 5000 associates comprising employees and vendors, it means the first hospital institution out of United States that is certified by the Joint Commission International, the main certifier entity for health services throughout the world. Besides, it has ISO certifications in several areas.

The HIAE combines characteristics of a great general hospital (Clinic, Surgical, Pediatrics, and Maternity), which is able to meet all needs of prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and recovery of its customers, with those of an institution that is specialized in high complexity medicine. Among the 32,357 patients that were assisted in 2003, 2,357 of them showed clinical issues characterized as high complexity problems. In the same year, it received 8,281 old-aged people whose assistance always requires more complex procedures.

Combining high complexity procedures with multidisciplinary assistance and focusing on patient, the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein combines medicine with the scientific forefront and international technology. The examples for high complexity vocation are the integrated programs of cardiology, oncology, and neurology that have qualified and multi-professional staffs as well as fine pitch technological resources. Another element to emphasize is the position of Einstein as the greatest hepatic transplanter center of Brazil, which performs about 120 liver transplants a year.

One of the factors contributing to the Einstein excellence standard is the scientific background provided by our Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa (IEP) (Teaching and Research Institute). Focused on vanguard studies and applications in the field of genomics, stem-cells biology, image examinations, and neurosciences, IEP has already conquered a deserved reputation in the own country and abroad. The alignment with what is the most updated in the medical activity field does not exclude the human dimension. Because of that, recently the reference nurse figure was created integrating the whole nursing team work mobilized in the case, centralizing physicians guidance, following patients evolution step by step, and providing them and their family with all comfort and safety that just an interlocutor with high human values and solid professional graduation can do.

All this hard work for quality has been widely recognized by customers. The international company Indicator GfK conducted a survey in 2003 that recorded a 97% rate of satisfied or very satisfied customers; such a percentage is not only inedited in the health sector, but also in all segments researched by the institution.

Nationally and internationally known, HIAE continues to innovate its performance uninterruptedly. The examples of that are its new shelter pattern, assistance pattern, assistance programs integration, and continued medical education program. All this initiative contributes so that the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein completely and successfully meets its mission: “To provide the most advanced and innovative health assistance with the increasing services humanization and within the highest scientific and technological standards, addressing the ongoing life quality improvement”.

Hospital Santa Paula 
Located in an area of 14,000 m², next to the greatest financial centers, shopping malls, and hotels in the city of São Paulo, with an infrastructure that houses 148 beds, 8 surgery rooms, intensive care units, and the coronarian unit, the Hospital Santa Paula complex is considered as an excellence center in the medical-hospital environment, which is about to perform the average of 45 surgeries a day. Its fearless management coaches and employs more than 600 employees, in addition to relay on the best and more qualified names of the Brazilian medicine consisting of its clinical board.

While physicians and other health care professionals are concerned about the physical recovery of our patients, our hotelkeeper staff works hard to provide permanence full of differentiated services.

In addition, the hotel structure of Santa Paula adopted strict assessment criteria to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its health customers, providing them with the same differentials and courtesies that are found in 5-star hotels. The Hospital has a complex, but practical and agile, meals delivery service in the rooms. In coherency with the most applauded concepts of the international hotelkeeper, the Room Service of the Hospital Santa Paula has all support of one of the greatest and more reputed groups of the worldwide food business: the SODEXHO, a French group working in 74 countries and more than 24,700 services units worldwide.

This service responsible team has an extreme technical, human, and intellectual ability to provide the highest quality in food-related services. Both patients and companions can make good use of this differential. The patients receive daily visits from our nutritionists that are concerned about suiting the physician recommended diet to a tasteful menu, in order to change our patients permanence into a more pleasant experience in the Hospital. The companions can also choose their meals from a delicious menu that is balanced and suitable to their needs.

The Hospital dependencies cleaning is in charge of one of the best and more respected companies of facility management worldwide: the ISS, a Denmark company with a history of more than 100 years that is present in Brazil since 1973.

The visitors coming to this Hospital can enjoy the use of high standard services and extreme competence.